Lecture series “Cause toujours!”


Lectures and courses about the history and evolution of works presented by Galileo:

How is a piece of music put together? Which artistic movement does it belong to and why? What are the period instruments used by Galileo musicians and what is the interest of using them in the twenty-first century? 

So many questions — and so many answers! — are discussed during the lecture series “Cause toujours!,” a program of talks and dialogues animated by members of Galileo and illustrated, as needed, with demonstrations, an hour before concerts.

In 2020-2021, Galileo plans to explore the following themes:

> Writing of Beethoven’s symphonies
> Wind instruments of that era
> Flamenco songs and styles

Immersion program “Dans la cour des grands”


Do you play a string instrument or a wind instrument? Have you ever dreamed of performing the masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven and others as part of a professional orchestra?

Galileo could give you this opportunity with its program “Dans la cour des grands.” This unique participative activity allows non-professional musicians to join the Orchestra in the course of specially designated rehersals and concerts.

Originally conceived for Vaudreuil-Soulanges secondary-school students, for whom priority is still given, this immersive workshop is offered to anyone who plays a symphonic instrument. Participants perform msuic from the Galileo concert program along side the Orchestra’s professional musicians.

Participants in “Dans la cour des grands” have the opportunity to play classical repertoire to which they might only have limited access in their usual musical activities. What’s more, the participants are immersed in the context of a professional orchestra performing classical works, string quintets, etc., with the pros.

Sectional rehearsals take place once a week about a month before the general rehersals at École Cité-de-Jeunes. The first three seasons of this program in the spring of 2016, 2017 and 2018 were a great success. And that of 2021 should be even better, with a joint concert of Galileo and Harmonie de la Cité.

Corporate and private events made to measure



Would you like a prestigeous orchestra to give style and atmosphere to a cocktail, a supper, a marriage a birthday or any other special occasion? 

Galileo offers you all the advantages, both artistic and ethical, for your corporate needs and your vision of an event and your brand image.  Galileo is an orchestra with a variable geometry. It can offer you a formula to best fit with your expectations, budget and imagination!

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